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Take a few minutes to go through this quick overview to understand the site and know how it works better

Snow Fall

This is a beautiful snowing effect that cover the whole Kikimat at certain time of the day/night. It doesn’t affect you or anything you’re doing on Kikimat. The snow is just like a virtual bubble blessings that drops all around you whenever it falls. Available only on Kikimat

Your Profile

You look cute and awesome on Kikimat especially when you add your profile picture, and upload a cover image. Users with no cover image and a profile picture look very poor and unattractive. So endeavor to add your profile picture and a cover image to your profile if you haven’t done so.

Some features of your profile are not displayed directly. But by clicking on the + sign as shown in the screenshot below will bring out all the features of your profile.

You can now click on any of the options and navigate to anywhere you want

For example, in the screenshot below, we click on the “Blog” tab and that take us to a whole new section of the site where you can see your Published Posts, Your Bookmarks/Saved Stories etc.  And from there, you can “Add New Post” and View Latest Stories as seen in the screenshot below


A blog for every member! Tell your story and share your masterpiece with the world. Manage your posts directly from your profile. Easily edit or delete your posts at anytime. You can quickly write a blog post and summit it for review or publish it directly to appear in our “Top Stories”, and let other users Bookmark/Save your story to read it later. Recommend it to other users and share it across other social networks. This is the next best thing to happen to everyone being here

Making a blog post is different from updating your profile. So read carefully to understand how to make a blog post on Kikimat. When you update your profile, the information/story stays on your profile, and is available to only your friends/followers.

But a blog post is generally available throughout Kikimat to every users including those that are not your friends/followers. It is your posts that other users can “Bookmark/Save to read later, and recommend for others

Now, to make a ” Blog Post”,  you either click on the “Add New Post” at the top menu of the site, or on the “Blog” tab in your profile as shown in the screenshot above. Once you click on the “Add New Post” tab, a new page will open as seen in the screenshot below

You can now make a new post by entering the tittle of your post in the “Tittle”, and the main content of your post in the “Tell Your Story” area below the “Tittle”

There are four major options here. The “Submit For Review“, “Save“, “Preview” and a “Round Circled” option as shown in the screenshot above.

Clicking on the “Round Circled” option will bring up more options such as “Categories“, “Tags” and “Featured Image” as shown in the screenshot below for you to choose a category for your post, add tags (keywords) and “featured image” to your post before submitting it for review or save it to be publish immediately

Add A Category To Your Post

Add Tags And Feature Image To Your Post

Adding Links And Bold Text

Highlight the text you want to add link or make bold, as shown in the screenshot below, and the options below will automatically appear. You can now make the text bold, and add a link in your post

Bookmark/Save And Recommending Posts

Find a story interesting? You don’t have time to read it at the moment? No problem. Just bookmark/save it to your profile and read it at a time that is more convenient for you. Also, Recommend that interesting post to other users and share it to other social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Penterest etc. The screenshot below show the bookmark and recommendation button


Join various groups or create your own. Is easy and simple. Just click on the “Group” tab at the top navigation of the site to discover available groups to join and create your own to become an Admin of a group

Find Out who’s Online?

When the small Round Circle around a user profile picture shows Green, then that user is currently online at that moment. But if it doesn’t show Green, then the user is offline


When you get a message, a user like your photo, comment on your posts/updates, or reply to your comment, a Round Red Bubble will show up at the top of any page you’re viewing indicating that you have a notification. You can now click on the Red Bubble to know what the notification is, and follow it from there


Kikimat is a social network. We make friends and follow people that interest uQ here. Doing that is very simple. Just go to a user profile by clicking on his/her username to visit their profile. From there you can send a friend request by clicking on the “Add Friend” and follow that user.


Send a private message to a user by visiting their profile and click on the “Private Message” tab to send a private message to that user.

The end

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