How To Register Your Domain Name For Just $0.99!

Today I want to share with you a secret method to register a .com, .org or any other domain extension name for only $0.99 on through a free domain search tool.

If you’re planning to start a new website, or you want to register a cheap domain name and pack it, then this tutorial is for you. Just follow the instructions in this tutorial and get yourself a brand new domain name for only $0.99 guaranteed.

In the course of this tutorial, I will reveal to you a special domain search tool that shows you domain search result while you are typing. Yes, you don’t need to click go, or enter and wait for your browser to load. You get the search results instantly while you type. This tool is awesome and sure you will love it.

It is this free tool that I normally use for my domain search. Also, it is this same tool that will enable you to register your domain name for $0.99

The domain search tool I’m referring is called:

Instant Domain Search (IDS)

Now, when you get to the IDS website (I will provide the link below), type in the domain name you want to register.

You will see the result instantly as you type. If the name is still available, then it will show you a green “Buy” button with a $0.99 price tag.

Next, click on that green “Buy” button and you will be redirected to to buy the domain name for $0.99.

You will now be able to buy the domain of your choice for only $0.99!

Godaddy will automatically add a domain privacy protection which cost $7+/yr to your domain name. Just select the “No Thanks” option to continue with your $0.99 registration.

Note that you will only be allowed to register only one domain name for $0.99. Thereafter, normal domain registration fee will apply


If you want to register two domain names for $0.99, then you will want to have two credit/debit cards. Then run two separate accounts on godaddy using each of those credit cards.

Now, let’s go over to IDS official website for you to register the domain name that is important to you for $0.99 now.

Here is the link:

Type in the search bar to begin. If your domain name is available, just follow the instructions above to register it fast before someone else will register it.

With that, we’ve come to the end of this tutorial. But if you have any challenge or question, use the comment section and I get back to you asap.

Good luck!

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  1. Amy 8 months ago

    How can I pay for a domain name on Godaddy?
    Do they accept credit card payment from Nigeria?

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