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Hello Kikimates, hope you guys are working towards creating a successful T-shirts business on Amazon?

Merch By Amazon (MBA) is one of the quickest online business you can start with no money and actually made a lot of money every month once you have taken the time to build it. Moreover, it is a passive income business models. Meaning that you can continue to make money from the work you do today months after, even for years to come without doing anything again.

But to succeed with this business, you need some tools to help you succeed and move forward faster.

The good news is that today, I’m going to share with you some free tools that will help you to discover the type of T-shirts that are selling, and to know the kind of T-shirts that people are actually buying on Amazon. This is the number 1 secret to succeed with this business faster. This information will be 100% free and is available only on Kikimat.

Let’s get started….

1. DS Amazon QuickView

DS Amazon QuickView is a free Chrome extension (tool) that make research process into knowing the T-shirt that people are buying faster.

What this extension does is that it bring out the Best Sellers Rank (BSR) in every T-shirts listings on Amazon and display it right before you. So you don’t have to find out what the Best Seller Rank (BSR) is.

Best Seller Rank (BSR) is a term use on Amazon to determine the position of a best selling product starting from number 1 to over a million depending on how a particular product is selling.

Normally, to find a best selling T-shirts, you will have to do a lot of search and go through a lot of pages on Amazon. You will also have to scroll through all those pages. But with this free DS Amazon QuickView, you won’t have to go through all that stress.

How To Use DS Amazon QuickView

Like I said earlier, DS Amazon QuickView is a free Chrome extension. Now, go to Chrome Webstore on your system, search for “DS QuickView” excluding the quotation marks (“”), then Add It to Chrome.

Alternatively, just follow this link to add it directly:

Once you have added it, you don’t have to do anything again. Anytime you visit Amazon clothing section where T-shirts are found, DS QuickView will be there to do its work. How? Don’t worry, I will show exactly how it works in the next step.

2. Merchresearch

Merchresearch is a free tool (website) developed by Merchinformer.

This is the tool that will take you straight into the T-shirt section of Amazon and actually show you the T-shirts that are selling. Then DS Amazon Quick View will reveal their Rankings and positions for you. I will drop the link to Merchresearch below for you. Just read

Now once you are on the Merchresearch page, you can search for any T-shirts keyword to bring out the T-shirts in that category. For example, if you want to search for Dog T-shirts, you will just enter the keyword Dog, hit the search button. It will then take you straight to Amazon. To see all the T-shirts that are selling in all categories, leave the search bar blank, then hit the Search T-shirts button.

Now you can see all the T-shirts that are selling and their Rankings. The Rankings are those numbers shown as their Best Seller Rank (BSR)

Here is the link to merchresearch website:


DON’T COPY THE T-SHIRTS DESIGNS TO USE ON YOUR T-SHIRTS! Amazon is extremely against it. (That is short cut to getting your account banned)

i have to write that in Cap so you won’t say you didn’t see/know. Instead, look through the T-shirts, see how they design them, and create your own using different design patterns but with the same concept. This is very important to avoid your account being ban from the system.

That’s it.

I will post the video version of this tutorial later.

Let me know if you have any challenge…. Enjoy!

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  1. Amelia 11 months ago

    This is very interesting and exciting

    • Author
      Cosmic James 11 months ago

      Yeah @Amelia, I want Kikimates to succeed and be making good money online regularly. So I’m giving out the best info here free of charge

  2. 'tobi Victor 11 months ago

    Hi boss.. I wanto ask a question.
    Can I use a payooner card which details is very different from the details I used in registering?

    • Author
      Cosmic James 11 months ago

      @Tobi, Yeah, sure.
      That’s what all of us are using.
      Your Payoneer and Amazon account details don’t need to be the same for it to work. You can have a different address on Payoneer and Amazon without any problem

      • 'tobi Victor 11 months ago

        Thanks bro’.. Just found out it is UK payoneer. Can I still use it?

        • Author
          Cosmic James 11 months ago

          It is advisable to use the Payoneer of the country of your residence.
          However, if you are sure you can withdraw from a UK Payoneer, then fine. You can use it.

  3. Kingsley Okpoh 8 months ago

    Thanks for the good work, Cosmic James. I applied successfully. I want to know if the site will definitely send an approval mail or can they approve you without sending you a mail? If the second option is possible, how then do you get to know you have been approved?

    • Author
      Cosmic James 8 months ago

      They do send approval email to inform you if account have been approved or not. However, we have heard of some cases where they don’t send the approval mail.

      If the second option applies, the only way you can know if your account have been approved is to be logging in to your account.
      Once you login to your account, you will know if you have being approved or not

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