How To Fill Your Home Address On Etsy

Your Home Address On Ets.

Hello Kikimates, today we are going to consider your home address and how it affects your sales on Etsy.

What address do you put up and use for your Etsy account? For some people, they use a foreign address that is different from their country address or home address. Others use a random address etc

If you are one of such people, then you will definitely run into problems later on with your sales. The reason is because once you make your first sale, Etsy will want to verify your address before processing the payment and will ask you to provide a bank statement or utility bill.

Now, the address on your Etsy account must be the same with the address on your bank statement or utility bill. Do you now see where you will run into problems with your Etsy account? Of course you won’t be able to provide the needed documents to verify your address. As a result, your sale(s) will be canceled. That was how I lost my first sale on Etsy. Don’t let that happen to you.

Go over to your Etsy account and click on your profile to edit your information. Then click on the address/home address, and replace the address there with your real home address or residential address.
That is, the address that you can use to verify your account if Etsy asked for it.

The best way to do it is to use the address on your bank account. That way, you can easily use your bank statement to verify your account.
As a matter of of fact, after losing my first sale, I quickly edit my home address and use the address on my bank account instead.
So I’m using my home address which is the address on my bank account. And I can easily provide this address to Etsy if they ask for it again in the future.

You should do the same and avoid any loss in future sales

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