Facebook Advertising: How To Create A Profitable Campaign Course Series

Hello and welcome to the Facebook Advertising course. In this series, you will learn exactly how to create and run a profitable facebook ads to promote your business like a professional

Note that this is a step by step practical guide. You are advised to follow the steps accordingly for a better understanding. Hopefully by the end of this series, you will be able to create and run a successful facebook ads with high ROI. That’s my aim. And with your cooperation, it will be achieved.

Let’s get started….

Introduction To Facebook Advertising. Facebook is a social networking website with over 2 billion users making it the largest social network in the world. You can take advantage of this billions of users to promote and grow your business faster. With just $5, you can start advertising your products and services on facebook. Facebook made it very easy for anyone to create and launch a campaign with relevant tools such as the facebook business manager.

But how exactly do people run a profitable and successful facebook campaign? How can you start using the facebook platform to promote your business and profit from it?

In response to these questions, I have decided to come up with this facebook advertising course to help you succeed in your business.

Now, to begin, you need to create a facebook page for your business or for the product you intend to promote. Design the page properly with a profile picture and a cover image to make it look very professional. For the page profile picture, you can use a picture of the product you want to promote or your business/company logo instead of your personal picture.

You can use the official Kikimat facebook pagefor inspiration. Don’t forget to like Kikimat on facebook if you decide to check it out.

Next, open a facebook business account. It’s free.  You can use your facebook personal account to run ads though. But to run your ads as a professional, you need a business account

To open the business account, head over to Business.facebook

After you successfully created the business account, you will then be able to access your business account dashboard to start creating ads.

But before you can create an ad, you must first create an ad account. You will create the ad account inside your business account. Note that you can create a maximum of two ad accounts in your business account.

Now, go ahead to create your ad account. Once you are done creating your ad account, the next thing will be to creating your ads which is our next lecture in this series. Don’t miss it.

I will be offering free consultation for this course. So you are free to contact me if you run into a problem creating your business account or ads.

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  1. macdonald 9 months ago

    Hello,how do i get good professional profile and cover picturesfor my page(free or paid) because the ones I got on canvas.com I don’t really like it

    • Author
      Cosmic James 9 months ago

      I think it depends on the kind of product or business you are into.

      What I do is to grab a random image from the net, resize it using resizeimage.net to meet the required facebook page cover image before finally uploading it on my page. And it usually works for me.

  2. macdonald 9 months ago

    Can we create the account without a website

    • Author
      Cosmic James 9 months ago

      Of course you can.
      It is when you are creating an ad that you will be required to provide the website you want to send people to.
      If you just want to boost a post, then a website is not required to do so.

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