Earn Over $400/Day With Merch By Amazon (MBA)

Hello Kikimates, I told us that this year will be a great year. So today, I'm going to share with us one of the greatest money making opportunity on the internet right now to kick-start this year's activities. This is a secret program that is making a lot of money for people all over the world. But today, it will be revealed to you free because you are part of Kikimat....enjoy!

This opportunity is called Merch By Amazon (MBA)

Amazon is the largest eCommerce marketplace in the world with billions of traffic, and they (Amazon) are the people running this program. MBA is a money maker any day, anytime

Now, what is Merch By Amazon(MBA)?

Merch by Amazon is Amazon’s print on demand program.

How Does It Work?

According to Amazon: "Simply upload your artwork, choose a product type and color, set your price, and add a product description. We'll create a product page on Amazon.com and when customers buy your product, we'll handle production, shipping, and customer service — all with no upfront costs"

You simply upload a design on a T-shirt and that's all. Amazon does the rest of the work. And paid you every time your t-shirts is sold. Plus, you don't need to pay a dime to start this business.

The Good News

This program accept many countries including Nigeria, and you are paid through Payoneer! So you don't need to worry about changing your IP, and how to get paid. You don't have a Payoneer account? Payoneer is free. Get $25 sign up bonus to open your Payoneer account free Click Here

The Bad New

Getting into this program is very challenging. It is only by invitation. And the waiting can be long before your request to join the program is accepted if your application is considered.

In my case, it took over 8 months of waiting before I was approved into the system just last week. I submited my application around March 2017 and got approved in January 2018. Although there is an alternative medium to get into the program immediately, but it cost money. And you will to have a Seller Account on Amazon. I will talk about this alternative route to get approve into this program immediately in subsequent updates

For some people, it took 3weeks to get approve. Others 3 months. Yours might be faster to be approve. You never can tell. That's why I'm sharing this opportunity with you right now so you can apply immediately without wasting time. I will share some tips on what to write in your application below.

Signing Up To Merch By Amazon (MBA)

Honestly, I have no idea what they consider before approving an account. But below are tips that will help you in your application.

Under Organization Name you can give your company name or any other company name

Under Website,  you can give your website if you have any, or give any established website you know.

Under Industry Type you can chose “Small Business”.

Under the Addition Information field in the form, you can say you sell Kindles,if you are a Kindle publisher on Amazon

You can also say that you’ve been a designer for many years and that you will be very excited to get into their program. I think this is a good thing to say. And virtually anyone could say this. I doubt if they look into your background and you could have outsourced all of the design

You could also explain that you do t-shirt design on other platforms like Etsy, RedBubble, Spreadshirt, or any of the other print on demand t-shirt sites (Sunfrog, Zazzle, Cafepress, Teespring, Teepublic).

To signup now;

1 – Go to this page – Merch By Amazon/Landing

2 – Scroll down and click the big orange button that says: Request Invitation

3 – Sign into your Amazon account. Or create a new account if you don't have an Amazon account already

4 – Fill out the four different fields using the tips above (only two are required).

5 – Click the button: Send Request

6 – Wait

After you’ve filled out the form, that’s it! You just have to wait. Sometimes Amazon doesn’t even email to notify you of your successful acceptance so you should check back at merch.amazon.com every so often while you’re waiting.

Merch By Amazon (MBA) is a great way of earning passive income online however it’s slow in the beginning. So if you’re interested, you’ve got to get started NOW!

I will share more information on this subject especially How To Create T-shirts Designs That Sells.

Don't miss it!

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  1. Emeka 1 year ago

    Nice info bro, my question is after creating the account. Are we going to upload the sample design of the T-shirt we want to sell immediately too. If “yes” it means we need to wait for your next post on how to create a T-shirt that sells.


    • Author
      Cosmic James 1 year ago

      Nope. No sample t-shirt is required for your application. Just follow the guidelines in the post to send your invitation request. Then wait for approval.

      • Emeka 1 year ago

        Thanks for your reply. I have followed the steps you gave. I was told to wait for 60 working days.

        • Author
          Cosmic James 1 year ago

          Great! That’s barely 2month+.
          I think is not too long considering the fact that some people have to wait for 10 months to get a reply.
          I wish you the best bro

          • jenny 1 year ago

            i sent mine but they didnt give me duration like 60 working days oo, who else experience same with me?

            • Author
              Cosmic James 1 year ago

              When I sent mine, they didn’t give me any time frame to expect a reply. So it is normal if they didn’t tell you anything relating to when you should expect a reply from them

  2. Olumide 1 year ago

    Good Question Emeka.

  3. Olumide 1 year ago

    My Send Request Button is inactive.

  4. Olumide 1 year ago

    Successfully registered and request sent.

    • Author
      Cosmic James 1 year ago

      Good to know that you finally was able to send your invitation request.
      Hopefully you will be approved into the program, and that your application will be approved fast

  5. jenny 1 year ago

    Thanks, let me send my own now

  6. michael 1 year ago

    nice one Prof Cosmic ..
    sorry please what are the requirement to create an account on Amazon ???

    • Author
      Cosmic James 1 year ago

      Creating an account on Amazon.com is free and require only your name, email address and home address.

      However, if you mean Amazon Seller account, then it requires a VCC and $40/month subscription fee. Plus they don’t accept many countries including Nigeria to open a Seller Account which ultimately mean that you will also need a VPN IP Software to open a Seller Account on Amazon

  7. michael 1 year ago

    ok thanks for that Prof …so which one of the Amazon account are we opening for the Merch By Amazon/Landing???

    • Author
      Cosmic James 1 year ago

      It is Amazon.com account. Signing up to Merch is free.
      But you have to create your Amazon.com account first.

  8. Amelia 1 year ago

    Great info. How do we get people to actually buy the tshirts

    • Author
      Cosmic James 1 year ago

      Good question.
      You don’t need to do anything to get people to buy your t-shirts. Amazon handled everything including marketing. Amazon already have millions of monthly visitors and buyers.
      And they (Amazon) market your t-shirts to their customers/visitors without your intervention. This free marketing from Amazon is what really make Merch a great opportunity.

  9. Olumide 1 year ago

    I have been accepted. But I got stuck at the tax information level Pls how should I proceed?

    • Author
      Cosmic James 1 year ago

      Congrat on your acceptance into Merch!

      For your question,
      choose the option for non American. I will write à full tutorial on filling the tax formation if I had a chance later

  10. Olumide 1 year ago

    Cosmic James, Pls come in.

  11. jenny 1 year ago

    Hi Cosmas, is it better we claim individual/sole proprietor or is claiming business better in this merch by Amazon? the tax information is also confusing

    • Author
      Cosmic James 1 year ago

      Both are better. But for a start, you can choose individual/sole proprietor.
      Then go for the business option as you grow bigger in MBA business.

      Like I earlier said, I will do a tutorial on the tax info ASAP

  12. Ajisafe 1 year ago

    I’m stuck under the Payment method, there’s no Nigeria there…please help

    • Author
      Cosmic James 1 year ago

      Choose United States as your banking country. Then provide your US Bank account details. To get a US Bank account, just open a Payomeer account and you will get a free US Bank Account.

      If you already have a Payoneer Account, then login to your Payoneer account, and check under “Global Payment Service” to get your US bank Account number and Routing number. Then fill it on your Merch Account.

      That’s it. Let me know if you have any challenge

  13. Ajisafe 1 year ago

    I have done everything, waiting to be accepted
    Told to wait for 60 days but i can download their template

  14. Ajisafe 1 year ago

    I didn’t, i was just sent a mail that my request has been approved

  15. Adedayo Samuel 1 year ago

    Hi, thanks for thus great info. I’m stuck at the tax information page, I’m getting an error message. Pls what am I supposed to do

    • Author
      Cosmic James 1 year ago

      You’re welcome @Adedayo.
      What’s error message you are getting?
      Make sure you fill all fields with the (*) sign. That way, you will not get any error message.

      Like @Olumide said, do well to go through the step by step tutorial on how to fill the Tax interview as a non American that is available here on Kikimat free

    • Olumide 1 year ago

      Cosmic James already did another tut on that, read it up bro.

  16. Author
    Cosmic James 1 year ago

    If you’ve recently been approved, or submitted your application but you’re being asked to send invitation again. Do not worry. It is normal. Just send the invitation again. Amazon want to get more info about you.

    Here is what Amazon explain in their frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    “I already submitted an application to Merch by Amazon, why am I being asked to reapply?
    We want to open our business to more Merch by Amazon sellers and approve new sellers faster. So, we’ve launched a new application process. We are asking you to reapply because we want to give you the opportunity to provide us more information about yourself and your business. We realize this may be a slight inconvenience, but believe we are creating a better seller experience. The new application process should only take about 15 minutes”

    That’s what Amazon said in case you come across such situation

  17. Oselel 12 months ago

    Hello Cosmic James, I applied for Merch 4 days ago got a Reply that I wasn’t accepted. Can I re-apply using someone’s payoneer account or must the payoneer account be in my name.
    I think where I got it wrong was where they asked for additional information, during the last part.

    • Author
      Cosmic James 12 months ago

      Sorry hear that you were not accepted into the program @oselel
      Yes, you can reapply with a new details. (new account) with another Payoneer account.
      Good luck

  18. Oselel 12 months ago

    OK, thanks

  19. gbharry 12 months ago

    I applied on Monday 9/4/2018 morning and was late on 10/04/2018 Tuesday night. Thanks to Cosmic James.

  20. Olumide 12 months ago

    I got my second t-shirt approved, no sale yet though, still pushing it. Thanks, Cosmic.

    • Author
      Cosmic James 12 months ago

      You’re most welcome @Olumide.
      That’s the spirit. Keep pushing until sales start coming in

  21. eyo 11 months ago

    you are wonderful, i just got my account approved, and I want to design my first t-shirt please assist me

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